Shot to the dome,,, the story of my stroke.  My name is Duke Harless and I suffered a severe stroke on April fool's day 2011.  In December 2011 I started  going back and reconstructing my experience through my notes and memories. Strokes are a bit of hell on earth, I sometimes wish I had the courage to document this earlier but I simply wasnt ready mentally to write down the things I was going through. I hope that this blog will help other survivors or the people that support them know how I have been dealing with it. As this is an ongoing project you may notice some new entries that are out of date sequence, this is because I may have just recalled something, or didn't  want to post it just yet.There will also be editing,,, LOTS of editing, as I remember certain parts of stories and fix spelling and grammer. I would also like people to know that I am only relating how my stroke affected myself and how some medications and therapies did or did not work for me personally.





Not today,,,, Not today


 There is an oft quoted figure that 22 Veterans a day commit suicide.... In the past 8 months I have lost two friends I served with to inner demons and today I was afraid another might have joined them.

  "K" as I will call this person is medically retired and suffers from chronic pain in thier back. "K" was assaulted and had several vertabrae cracked and other injuries and now has several health issues, as well as mental trauma from the assault.

  Today on Social media they made the ominous post :  "Fuck life,,,, bye".

 "K" is not the kind of person to say such things lightly, so of course people were concerned. Within minutes fellow veterans were trying to contact " K" and a few drove to "K"s house and called 9-11 to have the police do a welfare check.

  "K" ended up being safe and sound,,,, but it was amazing the outpouring of concern and oureach they went out to make sure things were OK.

    There are lots of caring people out there. I'm proud to be a part of a community that looks after each other in a time of need.

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