Shot to the dome,,, the story of my stroke.  My name is Duke Harless and I suffered a severe stroke on April fool's day 2011.  In December 2011 I started  going back and reconstructing my experience through my notes and memories. Strokes are a bit of hell on earth, I sometimes wish I had the courage to document this earlier but I simply wasnt ready mentally to write down the things I was going through. I hope that this blog will help other survivors or the people that support them know how I have been dealing with it. As this is an ongoing project you may notice some new entries that are out of date sequence, this is because I may have just recalled something, or didn't  want to post it just yet.There will also be editing,,, LOTS of editing, as I remember certain parts of stories and fix spelling and grammer. I would also like people to know that I am only relating how my stroke affected myself and how some medications and therapies did or did not work for me personally.





Getting old


   Sometimes I try to think about the best way to describe to a young person how it feels to be older. The stiffness and aches that come with aging ( I'm not even talking about recovering from a stroke.. that's an entirely different level.

 When I was about 22 years old I went on a field exercise to Chocolate Mountain Arizona. We had a lot of " Down time" so of course they had us doing things to keep busy. Lots of cleaning weapons that were already spotless, raking dirt, and of course Physical Training.

 They decided to do a " Challenge Course" Where we ran in groups of six. We ran in boots and Uniform " Cammie" trousers... and a flack Jacket, Helmet and "Web gear" for two miles.

  This is in Arizona in the desert.

 The end of he course was the real kicker. There was a concrete Canal that provides irrigation water from the Colorado River to the Imperial valley.

  The Canal only had about 3 1/2 fet of water in it at the time and the flow wasnt very fast. The kicket was that there was a steep sand embankment going into and out of the canal and we had to help each other out to get to the top.

 At the top was a loaded Jeep trailer we had top pull to the finish line about 50 yards away.

  Imagine being weighed down with soaking wet gear that weighed about an extra 60 pounds pulling a trailer at a slight incline after all that.

  Now imagine feeling like that simply walking to the mailbox.

Thats what old age feels like.




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10/1/2016 4:38:37 AM

:D Recently, I had to return to the National Veterans Training Institute in Denver, CO for work. Of course, the first day of classes they make everyone stand up and say some things about themselves. When it was my turn, I gave the standard Name, job title, location. I had to say what my hobbies were; I said I used to play a lot of sports, but now that I am older, I just play sports in video games...for some reason it broke up the place...? Here's to you feeling better!
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